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Terms and Conditions
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Pagamento with Bank transfer: Payment: The payment of your stay can be made online by bank transfer (you will receive the credentials for payment by email, the balance must be paid within two days, after which the room will no longer be available), or paying 50% of the deposit or paying the full amount (both with credit cards, debit or PayPal).

Cancellations: The cancellation must be made in writing (for example by email or fax). Cancellations by phone or in person (by voice) are not accepted. On receipt of confirmation from us, the booking can be canceled (or changed) within 14 days before the arrival date, with full refund, or within 7 days with 50% refund. In case of cancellation (or modification) beyond the deadline, the amount equivalent to the first night will be charged to your credit card as a penalty. This charge is a penalty and not a payment, so it is not possible to occupy the room. In case of no show you will be charged the penalty equivalent to the amount of the first night.

Reservations: To guarantee the reservation (we mean the guarantee in case of late cancellation and / or modification beyond the terms allowed and in case of no show) you will be asked for the details of a VISA, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, JCB credit card o DINERS, your e-mail address and a telephone number where you can be contacted. A few days before your arrival the received data will be checked at the competent offices and in case of anomalies, subject to communication by e-mail, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation.

Payment at Checkout

You can select the payment method to pay at checkout but by sending an email to to guarantee the sum. The amount will not be charged, but will only be used for security reasons.

In order for the booking to be processed you will have to accept, after carefully reading, all the conditions that govern it.

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